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Worth the Wait

Who is there to uplift the T.U.F.F Chick when she is down?! Another T.U.F.F Chick, duh! In order to accomplish this, please...

The soft launch is finally here! It’s been such a long and bumpy road to get to this point, but we made it! It was one of those anything that could go wrong definitely did. Ahhh well, that’s why we’re T.U.F.F right? Pleases bare with me in this very experimental phase….heavy on the soft launch! LOL

First, let me just say thank you to each and every one of you for your support thus far. I can’t express how much it means to me when I’m having a rough time or even doubting myself, and then one of you randomly sends me a DM letting me know how my writing has touched you.

I’ve received soooo many testimonies privately, and although I do share a lot about myself, I would never share personal conversations that you guys have trusted me with. People have reached out to say that they’ve contacted their mothers after years of no communication, healthier lifestyles have been adopted, toxic relationships/friendships have been dissolved, and promotions earned for some who were initially afraid of increased responsibility. I mean you guys tell me all types of things and I love it.

When I get the messages that say, “I cried the whole time reading this” I’m reminded of the power of my words. That encourages me to commit to continuing to use my words to uplift and inspire. I was talking to my big sister Keia, and I was telling her we are no longer matching low vibrational energy. Trust me, I was the queen of matching energy and I could def roll with the best of them. Plus my feelings aren’t easily hurt so I could really GO! I usually ended up hurting people way more than they could me just because of how I’m built.

What I had to recognize though is just because I could “win” an argument or petty war, that it wasn’t worth it to damage someone, even if they started with me (they always did, I NEVER start it lol). God is love and light and that is the ONLY energy I care to match. So here is the 2021 pledge, us T.U.F.F Chicks are not catering to weak energy. We no longer have time to invest in such trivial matters. We’re about being our absolute best selves, using our bad for good, getting to the money, and inspiring others to do the same. Anybody not on that gotta go. Period!

I envision this growing into a strong community of support. We all get tired, weak, stressed and even depressed. Who is there to uplift the T.U.F.F Chick when she is down?! Another T.U.F.F Chick, duh! In order to accomplish this, please follow the IG @tuffchicksllc as well as the FB TUFF Chicks, LLC so that we can exchange dialogue. I don’t want to be the only one doing all the talking! We can discuss the blog topics as well as other topics that any of you want to post about. You can also use it to give me topics that you’d like to see me take on. Lastly, I’d really love you to share your testimonies as they come…..maybe Testimony Tuesdays!

I’m really excited about all that is to come. I hope you love the merch! You can view it all on the Shop T.U.F.F tab. Wear it with pride in what it represents for us ALL!

With love, from one T.U.F.F chick to another.

Michelle L.

P.S. I hear my T.U.F.F guys want merch too??! Hmmm, let’s work on that!


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